underwoodhillsneighborhoodmapAbout Underwood Hills

The Underwood Hills neighborhood started around 1902 and was originally called Northside Park. According to the UnderwoodHills.org website, residential construction in the area picked up in 1920 to house employees for the nearby Seaboard Coastline Railroad.

The original architecture in the area were modest brick and frame cottages and bungalows. Many of these two-bedroom cottages still exist along DeFoors Ferry, along the edge of the neighborhood. Today, new construction has replaced many cottages and bungalows with two-story craftsman.

Quick stats:

  • 400 households
  • Property taxes: approx. $4702/year on a $345,000 with homestead exemption
  • Amenities: Walkable neighborhood with amazing park and playground
  • Schools: Rivers Elementary, Sutton Middle School, North Atlanta High School