Follow up: Howell Mill Road Construction & Development

If you ever find yourself sitting in traffic on Howell Mill Rd shaking an angry fist in frustration at all the cars and construction, like I do on an almost daily basis, this post is for you. Yes, we know progress is good, but the long, long, long development project on Howell Mill can seem like too much to bear. As a Realtor–and resident–specializing in this neighborhood I keep a close watch on what’s happening with the Westside revitalization and Howell Mill Road. So, I thought I’d share an update with you so that as you are sitting in traffic in the area next time you can use your imagination to see the beautiful, bustling area that it is becoming.

So, relax and imagine the following:

  1. Howell Mill Rd as a Complete Street: By July 4th, 2018 Howell Mill Rd. will transform into a Complete Street, meaning that there will be plenty of room for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars to safely and comfortably exist and move around the area together. Yes, I know this is not the case now but hang in there, it’s happening! Construction will start next August and take a year to complete.
  2. It’s going to be done well: Just recently the Atlanta City Council approved the Westside/Howell Mill Community Improvement District. According to the AJC, the district would extend along Howell Mill and be bounded, roughly, by Collier Road on the north, Northside Drive on the east, North Avenue on the south and railroad tracks on the west. The idea is to leverage the retail and commercial development to solve infrastructure problems. No, no one likes new taxes on businesses, but at least these funds will come from and stay in the neighborhood, which means the improvements to our community are necessary and reflective of our vibrant communities. Just drive through Buckhead and Little Five Points and to experience what a CID can do to transform an area. Check out this article about other CIDs in the metro area.
  3. What life will be like: Imagine walking from home near Howell Mill & Collier Roads–or Verner St, or White St, etc.–across the street to a trendy restaurant, like Sash Eatery & Taphouse in the new development at 1962 Howell Mill, then stopping in some lovely new shops on your way to an evening of fun at one (or a few!) of the other local establishments like Urban Tree Cidery just south of Berkeley Park, and the upcoming Painted Duck at new Stockyards development.

So, are you excited to get stuck in traffic along Howell Mill Road now? It will give you a chance to slow down, look around and imagine what the area is becoming. Leave a comment below and let me know what you are most excited about for the Howell Mill and Westside community. Or, maybe just continue to avoid the area during rush hour.

And, if you are interested in becoming a part of our community, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your options.

*Feature Image via Flickr