If you’ve ever kicked yourself for not buying a home in Inman Park or Old Fourth Ward about five years ago while the Beltline was under construction and home prices were more reasonable, listen up, you’ve been given a second chance…on the Westside. I’ve just spent some time catching up on all that’s happening on the Westside and want to pass on to you the Top Three Facts about the Westside that will have smart buyers jumping on the amazing, still-affordable opportunities to own, near the Beltline, on the Westside.

Westside Beltline Trail

Westside Beltline Trail | Beltline.org

Fact #1: Ryan Gravel’s vision lives! As Gravel’s vision continues to become reality and gains momentum, Atlantans’ desire grows to be a part of it all. You probably already know the story but for those outside Atlanta reading this, it bears a quick summary. Ryan Gravel envisioned the Atlanta Beltline as an architecture student at Georgia Tech. He grew up in the drive-everywhere, expressway-running-through-your-backyard Atlanta. By the time he went to college he says he was a loner. As an architecture student he spent a semester abroad in Paris, a walk-everywhere, mass transit city, where he walked to school, interacting with his neighbors and community all along the way. In the process he found himself,had a great time, lost 15 pounds, and envisioned a different future for his beloved Atlanta. The Beltline is that vision, which became his master’s thesis and now, is slowly becoming our city’s reality. So, if you share in that vision, now is a great time jump right in the middle of it, especially on the Westside.

Fact #2: The Eastside Trail – What we’ve seen happening on around the Eastside Trail in terms of economic activity and community revitalization is going to happen on the Westside in the next 5 five years. On the Eastside we’ve witnessed the rush of multimillion dollar, private-sector investments, revitalization of buildings and small businesses moving in. The median sales price of a single-family home has increased 217% since January 2012. Think Beltline Boil!

The Westside trail currently is lots of mud and construction equipment but by the time it opens in 2017 it will be a whole different story. According to a recent blog, the Westside now looks like the Eastside circa 2011. So, if you find yourself wishing you’d bought on the Eastside in 2011, now’s your second chance to snap something up on the Westside.

Fact #3: Westside Reservoir Park – The Westside will have the Westside Reservoir Park, the crown jewel of all Beltline parks, a 300-acre, recreation paradise of hiking, biking and sports fields, including the reservoir (yes, THE reservoir from the first season of The Walking Dead). The reservoir, now a gaping hole, is expected to be completed by 2018.

Over the next five years the Westside trail will be completed and construction of the Southside trail will begin. Mass transit construction will begin then as well. Check out all the Beltline has to offer at Beltline.org.

If you are interested in being a part of this transformation of our city, there are some great, still-affordable options on the Westside that I’d be happy to discuss with you. Reach out to me today!