Atlanta’s Upper Westside—as the ‘cool’ people call it—is poised now for some exciting development to get rolling rather quickly. It’s been a full decade that we’ve been waiting for all the fighting at city hall to be resolved and the revitalization to begin. And now it looks like we’re finally there. With the developer money pouring in, this area will be the next hot, trendy neighborhood, and now you are ‘in the know!’ So, aren’t you just dying to know what’s happening? Well, here are the three biggest pieces of news:

  1. Publix is coming! The much-needed grocer along with 345 new residences and “a sophisticated retail and restaurant mix,” is being built at the corner of Moores Mill and Bolton roads. The development will be known as Centers Moores Mill. EDENS, the developer, broke ground on the project on March 2nd and plans to have the grocer open by June this year. Oh, and the 1000 ft. extension of Moores Mill Road to meet up with Marietta Blvd is happening!
  2. The Quarter Upper West Side will bring additional residences – Another area along Marietta Blvd that’s being developed will bring $200 million in redevelopment funds and use 44 acres to create The Quarter Upper West Side. This area will have a town center with restaurants and retail as well as townhomes and apartments. The first residential units, which will include townhomes with rooftop terraces and great views, could be ready by the end of this year.
  3. Westside Village at Moores Mill taking shape. This huge, 100,000 square-foot project next door to the Publix development mentioned above sounds oh-so-cool. It’s being billed as a wellness and productivity center, family friendly and walkable. The area will offer retail space as well as loft offices and 19 luxury townhomes and a church converted into a restaurant. Also planned are more restaurants, child-care center, salon, coffee shops, fitness, medical offices and possibly banking and a hardware store.

As a Realtor® in this area, I’m telling you now, this is going to be a very popular area for lots of people looking to buy in a hip, urban setting that’s also walkable and family-friendly. The area sits between two school districts, Morris Brandon and Bolton. Also, keep in mind that it’s near the Westside Reservoir Park, which will increase the area’s popularity as well. This area is the future Atlanta and I’m so excited to see it coming to pass. If you’re excited about it too and are considering buying in this area, in one of these new neighborhoods, now is the time to start looking, I’d love to help you find the right home.