Here are some exciting updates on what’s happening with the new developments being built on the Westside. I recently had the chance to look over the latest plans for Westside Village at Moores Mill and I thought I’d share some of my favorite features revealed in the plans.

  1. Walkability – One of the best part of this development – and how the Westside is evolving – is that its within walking distance of 1,700+ homes (and within 2 miles of 1,900 new homes and 1,600 new apartments). Plus, there are numerous new walking paths and bike paths that will hopefully get some of us out of our cars and on foot or on our bikes.
  2. All the amenities to make ‘surban’ living easier – The Westside Village and surrounding developments have been designed and built to make urban living easier for young, active, busy, successful adults and families. For example, the walkability as I mentioned above makes it easier to pop out for a grocery run or to grab a bite at a local restaurant, rather than having to fight traffic every time you leave home. Some of the other features include the focus on family, wellness, and lifestyle by offering fitness centers, restaurants, salons, medical care, childcare and early learning academy, specialty grocers, and more. All within the Westside Village!
  3. Focus on Transportation – I spend more time than I’d like to admit sitting in my car, in traffic. So, when I saw the plans to better accommodate increasing traffic as well as the Moores Mill Extension across Marietta Blvd and a new roadway from the south, I was relieved. Also exciting is the coming Silver Comet-to-Beltline connection, once again encouraging pedestrian and bike traffic.

As I’ve preached before, if you have considered shopping for a home on the Westside now is such a great time to get in on the action. With these projects still under construction you have a chance to snap up a great home in this up-and-coming area. Once these projects are completed and folks see how great the neighborhood is, I’m predicting that demand will get crazy and inventory could go quickly. So, keep in mind that the developer says the Westside Village at Moores Mill will be done later this year. If you are interested, reach out and let’s talk about how we can find the perfect spot for your family in this exciting new area.