Supporting cancer research is a mission for me. My dad died of lung cancer when I was just 19 years old. It was heart-wrenching and I felt powerless to help him as a young girl watching him go through the traditional treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. Those treatments along with lots of prayer were all that could be done for him.

Fortunately for today’s cancer patients and their families there are so many more options and treatments. These options and new technologies are being researched and developed right here in Atlanta at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. The era of personalized medicine is here and doctors are using technologies that can ‘program’ treatments to fight specific cancers in specific individuals. Because of these advancements, more daughters are able to grow up with their dads. That’s why I’m a huge proponent of what Winship is doing and I make it a point to donate money and time to the cancer research going on at Winship.

Now in its seventh year, the Winship 5K has raised $3 million in support of cancer research. Their fundraising goal for 2017 is $1 million! And we’re 82 percent there! Amazing, right?! However, it’s only going to happen through support of people like us that believe that research and new technologies save lives. Just about all of us have been or will be touched by cancer – either in losing someone we love or (God-forbid) having a brush with it ourselves. Join me in making progress toward a time when cancer is not a death sentence! Our sons and daughters will be so thankful!

Please visit my Winship fundraising site HERE.