General contractor expects construction to run more smoothly in 2016.

Georgia Department of Transportation and the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed started waterline and roadway safety improvements last year along Northside Drive from I-75 north to where it intersects with Northside Parkway. After a myriad of gas line breaks, water line breaks and sewage leaks–into my beloved Channing Valley Park no less–Atlanta Gas Light and the City of Atlanta are finally sharing information that should keep these disasters from plaguing the project in 2016.

At least the intentions of the project are good. Improvements include:

  • Replace 20-inch water main with a 36-inch transmission main to improve water pressure and quality
  • Conversion of the existing reversible lane from I-75 to Collier Rd into a two-way left-turn lane, with exclusive left-turn lane onto westbound Collier Road
  • New exclusive right-turn lane for northbound traffic to turn eastbound onto Collier Rd
  • Conversion of existing reversible lane north of Collier Road into a two-way left-turn lane until it connects to the existing four-lane section
  • New sidewalks from I-75 north to Peachtree Creek
  • Signal upgrades and new ADA-compliant wheel chair ramps at each intersection

Below is a milestone timeline released by GDOT last week:

Construction from I-75 to Collier Rd

  • Water Line Phase 1 – Completed December 2015
  • Storm Drainage Phase 1 – Completion Spring 2016
  • New curb Phase 1– Completion Fall 2016
  • Sidewalk Phase 1 – Completion Spring 2017

Construction from Collier Rd to Peachtree Creek

  • Water Line Phase 2– Completion Late Spring 2016
  • Storm Drainage Phase 2 – Completion Fall 2016
  • New Curb Phase 2 – Completion Spring 2017
  • Sidewalk Phase 2 – Completion Summer 2017

Construction from Peachtree Creek to Northside Parkway

  • Water Line Phase 3– Completion Late Spring 2016

Signals (all 5 intersections) – Completion Summer 2017

FINAL Paving and striping – Late Fall 2017

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