When it came time for the Gaitan family to look for a larger home on the Westside, one of the last places they considered looking was in Riverside. The young family needed to stay in North Atlanta school district and desired a single-family home, with more room and a backyard. They had been living in a townhome just steps from North Atlanta High School. Yet, as they began shopping for their next home they quickly realized that based on their budget, the rapidly rising prices in their target neighborhoods, and their desire to have a little more space between them and the neighbors, they were going to have to make some compromises.

They met Michelle almost 3 years ago. At the time, the family was looking for a townhome but not super-seriously. They said Michelle made a lasting impression because she was so helpful and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, the Gaitans was already working with another real estate agent at that time. They stuck with that agent and now say that they regretted the decision and couldn’t wait to use Michelle next time they were in the market.

That chance came this summer when the Gaitans decided it was time to upgrade. With Michelle’s help, they put the townhouse up for sale…and it was under contract in two days. “It all happened so fast!” says Mrs. Gaitan, “then we were buyers in a very competitive market, we had a hard time buying.” They found a home they liked, acted fast, put in an offer; a bidding war ensued and they ultimately were not ‘chosen’ to go under contract. “It was very stressful,” says Mrs. Gaitan, “but everything happens for a reason.”

With their options dwindling and the stress level rising, Michelle asked them to consider Riverside, a neighborhood that had not been on their radar, but yet met their criteria of school district, budget and new builds available. The more Michelle showed them the changes happening there—the development and investment going on—they said sure, they’d take a look.

Riverside is an area in transition. It’s part of the Beltline area and just two miles from the coming Westside Reservoir Park. There’s lots of promise but it’s not all the way there yet. So, buyers are taking a little risk that this up-and-coming area will be the next hot neighborhood.

The Gaitans fell in love with a new build, single-family home in Riverside West with a big yard—and within their budget. Michelle timed their closings perfectly so they didn’t even have to pay mortgages on two homes at the same time – another item on their wish list. There was no bidding war and the purchase went rather smoothly. It all worked out in the end and they didn’t even have to compromise on what they really wanted. “She was extremely patient,” says Mrs. Gaitan referring to Michelle, “she never had an attitude with us, even though sometimes we may have deserved it!”

The Gaitans now spend weekends at the local home improvement stores as they continue to make this new house their home. They love their new home, the neighborhood, and the neighbors and can’t wait to explore the new Westside Beltline trail when it opens in a couple weeks!