So, every couple of months I write a post to update you about the very exciting Howell Mill Road developments, including the Complete Streets project. Usually those posts consist of what’s happening with the roads and traffic—because that’s where I tend to spend lots of time ;)—but today I have some news about the exciting developments happening at 1962 Howell Mill Road and across the street. And of course I couldn’t write an update without including the Complete Street and Beltline updates.

Recently I had the chance to hear about what’s happening from one of the Howell Mill Road developers himself, Eric Weatherholtz, co-founder of Healey Weatherholtz. He was kind enough to share the following update:

  • 1962 Howell Mill Road opening soon! The development will be a mix of restaurants, retail, and office space, says Mr. Weatherholtz. As to its opening, he says there are two restaurants in development, one is slated to open in June and the other in September of this year. One is expected to be called Howell’s, replacing Sash Eatery and Tap House.
  • Across the street. I also have confirmed with Mr. Weatherholtz that the property across the street, next to Fellini’s Pizza, will be a developed soon and retail shops are planned for that space.
  • And, of course…Complete Street construction. As for the Howell Mill Road’s Complete Street project, the city held a public information meeting at the end of October 2016 and shared its proposal to improve pedestrian and bike travel with bicycle lanes, pedestrian safety improvements and a streetscape. You can download the public meeting information here. The $2 million project kicks off August of this year and is expected to be done by July 2018. For other information, visit
  • Beltline update. The city says in an update published late November 2016 that it still plans to have the Westside Trail done by fall of 2017. If you’ve been in the area you probably have seen over the course of this year lots of new concrete being poured as they constructed the new trail system and the 14 access points. In November, volunteers from the community worked to clean up trash and invasive species to ready the area for further paving. Next we’ll see construction of the ramp at Lawton Street, as well as installation of lighting poles, construction of the connection at Donnelly, and improvement and work around Stafford Park. Exciting!

Well, there you have it! Lots of exciting things happening in our up-and-coming area. If you want to get in on this soon-to-be-highly-sought-after neighborhood, give me a shout. I’d be happy to discuss your options and what’s on the market!